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The Romanian Fintech Association - RoFin.Tech - is an entrepreneurial professional association that aims to grow the footprint of fintech in Romania & beyond, by providing support and resources to its members.

Criteria to

To this end, RoFin.Tech welcomes as an associated member, any company that fulfills the following objective criteria:

- is incorporated at the time the application is made;
- is founded by Romanian individuals, or has at least one Romanian individual among its founders;
- it is currently developing a tech product built on proprietary technology;
- the tech product in question is built as a solution to a problem, or part of a problem, of the financial services industry particularly.

Steps after application is submitted

After filling in the application form below, the RoFin.Tech board may reach out to you to ask for additional information related to your application. The form is also an opportunity to learn more about you and your needs and aspirations!

If the objective criteria are met, the final step is an approval by the RoFin.Tech associated members related to your application.

If you have any questions, please reach out at

We hope to have you with us very soon!

NOTE: any personal information collected through this form (e-mail address, names of founders & representatives) will only be available to RoFin.Tech board members when evaluating the application and shall be used only for the purpose of the application process. After a decision is made, the details will be erased from our records.