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Regulatory power

As the only national fintech association, we have a strong voice on regulatory topics and are hence able to offer our members advocacy and support. You'll have access to the calendar of relevant events for/by RoFintech;


These are just a few of the benefits you’ll be able to access as part of our community: information and best practice sharing, collaborative opportunities, access to expertise and resources.

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We are a diverse team of domain experts and entrepreneurs

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Smart Fintech

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Members who have trusted us

Our members enjoy a number of benefits, tailored to their needs, such as working with market leaders in the FinTech industry and access to directories, reports, calendar of relevant events and a yearly report on Romanian & CEE fintech scene.

Insights into new regulatory initiatives keep our members one step ahead of their competition and the partner status in all association communications will increase visibility and relevance.

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“RoFintech is the community we were missing as we started developing Pago in 2016. Many of the hurdles we stumbled on in the early days would have been easier to overcome if we had other founders around us facing the same problems, some with easy solutions ready to give. This is the biggest benefit I see in RoFintech, so when I heard about the initiative, we joined without hesitation.”

Adrian Cighi
Co-Founder Pago
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“Membership in RoFintech Association offers Smart Fintech numerous benefits that significantly contribute to our success and growth. We can navigate the competitive fintech landscape and the market more effectively through collaboration opportunities, industry knowledge exchange, enhanced credibility, and regulatory and Bank influence. As fintech continues to reshape the financial industry, being part of RoFintech is advantageous and essential for us, aiming to thrive in this dynamic ecosystem.”

Alexandru Cociu
Co-Founder Smart Fintech
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“We’ve always searched for something like Rofintech. We really needed this kind of solid, knowledgeable and supporting framework that now enables us to further safely develop our financial services. We’re fully committed to innovating, so we’re more than happy to securely offer our customers cutting-edge financial services that better their lives. We feel strongly represented in the fintech industry and we’re now better equipped to take on any challenges that may arise nationally and even EU-wide.”

Radu Ciorba
Rofintech Homepage

“We have joined RoFintech as a founding member to build the representative body of the Romanian fintech ecosystem and to contribute to the development of a young but rapidly growing ecosystem of startups disrupting the world of finance in Romania. We strongly believe that together, as members of RoFintech, we can help each other gain visibility, credibility, and more for our fintech startups.”

Florin Grosu
Co-Founder Traderion
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“Bankata has joined RoFintech because our team shared the same passion for fintech and innovation as the existing members and we’re very glad to contribute to this melting pot of ideas and initiatives. The opportunity is huge for this organisation because it is building a community that is learning fast and proved very keen to expand that knowledge in various ecosystems.”

Andrei Perianu
Co-Founder Bankata
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Our efforts, at Ronin, to create a community, supporting and amplifying bold ideas are fully complemented by your efforts to build an environment that brings innovation closer to end-customers.

Together, we increase our chances that more innovative Romanian companies are born locally, establishing Romania as a strong regional innovation hub.”

Ovidiu Ghiman
Founder Ronin
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“Our decision to join RoFintech stemmed from our desire to become members of a dynamic and inventive community committed to revolutionizing the financial industry through technological advancements. With our company already being an innovative fintech, joining RoFintech was a logical progression. By uniting forces, we can collectively explore avenues for growth, collaborate on creating fintech solutions, and play a significant role in modernizing the financial sector in Romania and globally.”

Adrian Badea
CEO Selfpay

Benefits of partnership

Important banking, legal and insurance players have decided to support Rofintech’s mission, alongside many other companies connected to the industry.

National Bank of Romania (NBR) Financial Supervisory Authority are our regulatory partners and we gladly collaborate with several universities.

One invitation per event to all the events organized by RoFintech and its members;
One invitation per year to join the RoFintech international delegations and events;
Access to the internal directory of resources on RoFintech members and affiliates;
Access to the calendar of relevant events for/by RoFintech;